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Raymond Chandler evening

Padre de la novela negra y de uno de sus detectives más famosos, Philip Marlowe, Robyn Hitchcock evoca a Raymond Chandler en uno de sus temas más recordados junto a The Egyptians.

It's a Raymond Chandler Evening,
At the end of someone's day,
And I'm standing in my pocket,
And I'm slowly turning grey.
I remember what I told you,
But I can't remember why,
And the yellow leaves are falling
In a spiral from the sky.
There's a body on the railings
That I can't identify,
And I'd like to reassure you, but
I'm not that kind of guy.
It's a Raymond Chandler Evening,
And the pavements are all wet,
And I'm lurking in the shadows
'Cause it hasn't happened yet.

El tema pertenece al álbum Element of light, de 1986

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